‘Kill Shakespeare’ Act I


Finally—and it took too long—I edited the 18-minute video interview with “Kill Shakespeare” artist/illustrator Andy Belanger and creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery. We chatted during San Diego Comic-Con 2010. They reimage the Bard’s characters in a good versus evil hunt for Shakespeare. You’ll never think of Hamlet the same way again.

I divided the interview into four parts—eh, acts—with loads of trepidation. There are several ways I could have divided up the topics. I strongly considered editing to put together related topics but instead chose to topically divide up the video along the timeline. I’m not satisfied with the ediitng approach to Act I. The video would have topically flowed better had I removed the Canadian bits, but I found the section too interesting to cut.

As I post, Act II is not showing up on YouTube, after three attempts to upload. I’ll blog the remaining acts as they appear on YouTube.