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Our Half Decade in San Diego

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Five years ago today, my wife, daughter, and I relocated to #sandiego . We came here to be close to my father-in-law, who turns 91 before this year ends. Much has changed since Oct. 15, 2007. 

1. Father-in-law Bob used to bicycle couple miles a day. Now he does a mile on a good day, but assisted by electric motor. He’s not as energetic as when 85. But he still volunteers playing flute twice a week at the local hospice.

2. My daughter was home-schooled when we arrived. This year she graduated from San Diego High and now attends college. She can vote next month.

3. I work for half as much money but twice as many hours (after April 2009).

4. I came here using Apple products and thinking lowly of #google . Now I boycott Apple and largely live the Google lifestyle.

5. My wife is a new women, maturing more in five years than perhaps all the rest combined. Being close to her dad and caring for him is just what she needed.

We live in paradise. Fruit trees grow on neighbors’ lawns; flowers are perennial; sun shines most days of the year; four beaches are 10-minutes drive; bike lanes are everywhere; palm trees reach for the sky.

But my wife and I both long for the East Coast, and all its comparable troubles. Living should be harder than this, and we missed four seasons from the first winter (or lack of it). California culture doesn’t fit us. People are friendly but not often direct, nor do many want others to be. It’s too much “be nice, not be honest? culture. Gimme New Yorkers instead.

My daughter is a California girl now; she remembers little else. But Anne and I will leave someday, unless Bob outlives us. His goal is 111.

I could take New York, Boston, Washington, DC or Houlton, Maine (the last would be too cold for my Mrs.). For now, we make the best of paradise, and I expect no sympathy from anyone. Go ahead and snark. Who wouldn’t want to live in perennial summer but me, eh?

I took the surfer photo using the Nokia N97 smartphone sometime in 2009. I believe that’s Ocean Beach, but it could be Pacific Beach.

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