My first Kindle ebook gets a Face Lift

Last night I republished This Book is not a Kindle Single [The Rejected Essay] with the originally-intended title (The Principles of Disruptive Design) and major content updates. The preface and afterword are gone (as they pertained to the gimmick title) and there are updates throughout, the most considerable to the first section.

The updates deal directly with Apple iPhone 5s and 5c nd questions about Apple innovations, or lack of them.

The book is available today for free, if you’d like to save $2.99.

For anyone who purchased the original, I’ve asked Amazon to enable you to download the revised edition. But that may take some time. For example, the new book is online but the old description is still there. Kindle Store doesn’t move as fast as I would like.

If you’d like the updated version now, you can go into your Amazon account and delete the previous purchase, but only do so Friday the 13th! If you delete the book any other day, when there isn’t the free promotion, you’ll have to buy, meaning pay for, the book again.

Today’s freebie is mainly for previous buyers to get the update sooner and to  promote the revised edition to other people, particularly those interested in Apple’s direction following the new iPhone launches.

Update: LOL, auto-correct changed Brad Pitt to Brit. I will republish again.