Sunday Morning Playlist

In another life I was a music deejay. Many years later, my tastes are eclectic and rock/pop punk current. Working on any weekend requires just the right mixtape to flush creativity from aging synapses. Classic Liz Phair, up-and-comers 5 Seconds of Summer, and all the good bands not displayed in the screen capture—brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, Busted (“That’s What I go to School For”, baby), Katy Perry, and Talisco, among others.

My headphones are spectacular. You can have Beats or Bose, baby, because I’ve got something way better: Grado Labs RS1e, which I bought with birthday money and proceeds from Craigslist sales. The open-ear cans produce pure sound, even from compressed AAC or MP3 files. These are broken in now, and my eyes practically tear for the joy my ears experience. Soundstage cannot be described, even on something like pop punk “18”, the 5 Seconds of Summer song playing as I type.

Mood music is important, particularly for people who sit on their fat asses in front of a keyboard. That’s not you, right? Put down that Big Gulp, get up, and dance. You need to exercise somehow. 😉