Flickr a Day 18: Painted

Student Satya Vrat Shukla should seriously consider just how good are his “outtakes”, which is how he describes this remarkable photograph. The colors and bokeh—painter and background—rivet my eyes.

“This is one of my really good friends, Ethi, who is an amazing painter”, Satya says. “She basically oil-painted this within a couple of minutes while I pestered her to ‘paint something good'”. Pester. I found the pic searching Flickr for the word—like yesterday’s selection, which shares something else: Camera choice. Satya shot with Canon EOS 550D and classic 50mm lens (f/1.8). Gotta love them Primes! 

The student snapped the image on July 16, 2012. His additional thoughts: “I must have tried more concepts this week than I have tried ever before. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the skill set to actually bring to fruition what I had in mind. So this outtake is this week’s photo now. Sigh!”

Satya, don’t underrate your skills. If only all outtakes pleased like this one, what a photographic world where we would live. Photo vitals: f/2.5, ISO 100, 1/125 sec, 50mm.

Photo Credit: Satya Vrat Shukla