Flickr a Day 57: ‘Pure Inspiration’

Iconic best describes the last of three pics chosen from The United States Marine Corps photostream. Isn’t this exactly the kind of scene that many people outside the military imagine? Depicted: “Sgt. Justin Glenn Burnside motivates a recruit with Echo Company, 2nd Recruit Training Battalion at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. Burnside, originally a signal intelligence specialist from Bristol Fla., is one of about 600 drill instructors who shape the approximately 20,000 recruits through Parris Island annually into United States Marines. This handful of dedicated DIs is entrusted with sustaining a more than 237-year legacy”.

Lance Cpl. David Bessey shot self-titled “Pure Inspiration” on April 16, 2013, so that’s more like a 239-year legacy. Camera info is missing from the EXIF data. Composition and expression make this photo a worthy Flickr-a-Day selection.

Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. David Bessey