Flickr a Day 86: ‘Broken Glasses’

Among the best Angus Stewart photos are those this series cannot feature, because they are All Rights Reserved. “Double Dubious“, “Sneaky“, and “Three’s a Crowd” are examples. He shot today’s selection, self-titled “Broken Glasses”, on March 6, 2008, using the Leica D-LUX 3 compact. Vitals: f.4, ISO 100, 1/30 sec, 15.6mm.

More recently, Angus uses the Fujifilm X100S, although his newest, 2015 photo was shot with the Leica M rangefinder. That’s a big step up from the D-LUX seven years ago. He joined Flickr in April 2007. His hometown is Tumbleweed, Suffolk, United Kingdom, but Angus lives in London, where he works “with a range of performers including circus acrobats, clowns, burlesque, tumblers, this remains an ongoing personal project”. 

He adds:

A lot of my street photography has to do with asking a question, ‘what is or has happened here, what are we witnessing or have we just missed?’, while other pictures remain expressive for their clarity—the simple and muscular line or direct stare of a performer. All, however, are meant to ask the viewer to take a deeper look at the unfolding story.

Angus communicates the story by each pic’s title, stated simply and compellingly. For another perspective, visit his photo website, which is hosted by SmugMug, a family-owned photo-sharing and image-selling subscription service that I highly recommend.

 Photo Credit: Angus Stewart