Watch Me

I never expected to part with my Luminox 3187 (pictured), nor the Moto 360 that replaced it. But, hey, Craigslist sales happen. Both devices went to new owners this week. Meanwhile, I settle into supreme satisfaction using the LG Watch Urbane. We’re 10 days a team, and inseparable except for charging and showers—I do try to time their start together, seeing as how the Urbane comes off the wrist for either.

My initial first impressions are little changed. Overall, I prefer the LG smartwatch to the Motorola. Traditional styling, always-on screen, and satisfactory (but not exceptional) battery life are among the Urbane’s charming qualities. 

Over at DroidLife, writer Kellen (aka Kellex) isn’t as enthusiastic—by any meaningful measure. “Watch Urbane wouldn’t even be in my top three list of Android Wear watches to consider”, he writes. It’s big, not designed well for a human wrist, doesn’t feature anything spectacular over other watches, is uncomfortable to wear, and is more expensive than all of the rest by at least $50″.

True: The strap is stiff at first, but that changes with a few days wear. My wrists are small, and still I find the Urbane comfortable enough. Ah, these Millennial youngsters. I’ve heard a few snicker about the LG’s watch traditional look.

Over at Computerworld, JR Raphael gives a review more in line with my experience: “If I had to recommend a single Wear watch for its overall user experience right now, the Urbane would definitely be it”. Exactly. Many profound nuances make Moto 360 a functionally better companion. But as a total package, Urbane is more satisfying. The LG makes me happy. JR’s joy. Kellex disagrees. My forthcoming review will offer context.