Flickr a Day 171: ‘Fear of the Dark’

Our second of three photographers discovered by searching Flickr for “silence” returns us to an artform explored on Day 8: Abandoned structures. If not for the decay, the room looks ready to receive guests for dinner and music. The frozen moment—a place deserted during life in motion—makes this type of photographic storytelling compelling.

Dennis Schwarz shot self-titled “Fear of the Dark” on Sept. 14, 2014, using Nikon D3300. Vitals: f/8, iSO 100, .8 sec, 18mm. I presume that he used a tripod based on the ISO, shutter speed, and wide-angle combination, which produces a sharp, well-balanced photo that is best appreciated at full resolution. I picked today’s pic from his album/set “Urban Exploration“.

“I like every kind of photography, but I prefer HDR”, Dennis says—and the many high-dynamic range images are obvious. “I have no straight direction in what i capture. I like old industrial areas, abandoned places, but also nature and landscapes”. He joined Flickr in July 2014.

Photo Credit: Dennis Schwarz