Flickr a Day 237: ‘Free Ride’

Take pictures of your kids that look like the photostream of Amanda Tipton and you will make a memory book they will cherish as adults. Her art delights so much that picking one pick is misery. I could choose a dozen breathlessly. Self-titled “Free Ride” takes the Day for composition, perspective, candor, and as demonstration the importance of having the camera with you and using it!

“No he has never done this before and no I didn’t ask him to; lol”, she says. “But because I didn’t want my camera to melt in the hot car I happened to have it in the store with me. Of course, I probably looked like the worst mom ever snapping pictures before I told him to get up; haha”. I say best mom ever. Amanda captured the moment on July 18, 2012, using Nikon D700. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 720, 1/250, 35mm. 

The mother of five children lives in Anaheim, Calif. Her website, “Pardon My Chaos” is wonderful but not current. No worries, her photos are up to data on Flickr, which she joined in January 2009.

A note about today’s selection, which falls below the resolution required by this series. I pinched to zoom to enlarge, screenshot, then cropped to create the version you see. Amanda’s Creative Commons license stipulates no derivative works, which this is not intended to be, but larger representative of the original.

Photo Credit: Amanda Tipton