‘Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.’

Documentary “Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine” is in theaters and on-demand, starting today. Tagline “Bold. Brilliant. Brutal.” snatched by attention, because it’s so evocative of Apple marketing style under the cofounder’s leadership.

I doubted that iTunes Store would carry this one, but it’s there. I instead rented from Amazon, which gives 48-hour rental rather the iTunes’ stingy 24. You’ll pay $6.99 to do the same, but that’s a cheaper ticket than theaters. Or you can wait for Netflix, where surely this one will someday arrive.

I’m surprised that the film is showing locally, at Ken Cinema, which is little more than 4 kilometers from my apartment by bike. Had I not wrongly assumed there would be no in-theater option and actually looked first, I might have paid $7.50 for the big screen. My preference is to support local businesses before big operators like Amazon.