Flickr a Day 279: ‘Lama. 2 am.’

Punctuation punctuates self-titled “Lama. 2 am”. Identification and time with two periods makes a statement that causes reaction yeah, and then of course when reading accompanying description: “Paris, FR”. Somehow, the beast in the window makes sense. What else and where else could it be?

Sarah Sosiak shot our Day taker on July 10, 2015, using iPhone 6. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 640, 1/17 sec, 4.2mm. Sarah, who joined Flickr in November 2004, is from Belleville, Ontario, Canada, but she lives in London, England. She keeps a Tumblr, and you can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. Mmmm, did I miss one? I must have because she is a product manager at Facebook, starting in August 2015. Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Sarah Sosiak