Flickr a Day 294: ‘Observed Reader’

Like yesterday’s selection, I picked the pic for mood, and ambiance—and remembrance. I lived long in the Washington, D.C. area before relocating to San Diego eight years ago. Julian Ortiz captures many images like self-titled “Observed Reader”, of commuters riding the Metro. Full camera information is not available, but he used Nikon N90s with 50mm lens. Yes, a film shooter, with Arista Premium 400 ISO.

Julian uploaded on Feb. 8, 2015 our Day taker to Flickr, which he joined in May 2011. He lives in Arlington, Va. Our winner is part of two collections he calls “Readers“. The tagline: “Books are still alive thanks to them”. His professional photo website is a treat. Do go there.

Photo Credit: Julian Ortiz