Flickr a Day 315: ‘A Contemporary Fairytale’

I had to lean in and look closely before my brain rationalized this interesting and unexpected concert capture. Matilde Zacchigna shot self-titled “A Contemporary Fairytale” on June 20, 2008, using Nikon D40. Vitals: f/5.6, ISO 800, 1/10 sec, 55mm.

“La mia foto preferita dell’intero stream”—”my favorite picture of the entire stream”, she says. Oh, I agree, and that’s not easily expressed because she presents so many magnificent moments.

From the Italian city of Trieste, Matilde joined Flickr in August 2005, but she no longer actively posts. To see current photographic art, which she produces professionally, visit Facebook or her website.

Photo Credit: Matilde Zacchigna