Painful Parting

Last night, I returned to Amazon the Sennheiser Momentum 2 wireless headphones received on Nov.8, 2015. The retailer promises full refund. My ears ache from using them, even with the volume low. The problem is bass response, which is too intense for my aged ears. At the same time, I removed the Grado Labs RS1e from Craigslist. I will keep the wired cans.

I let go the Bluetooth set reluctantly. I like the design, construction, materials, and controls. Wireless connects easily and provides ample volume. But bass booms, and the devices on which I listen have limited graphic equalizer or none at all. 

I made the decision to part ways on the evening of Nov. 23, after conducting a more stringent listening comparison between the Grados and the Sennheisers. Surprising: How different is presentation and soundstage. The RS1e sound natural to my ears, while the Momentum 2 come across as artificial. I hear the difference primarily two ways: authenticity of the vocal and spatial location of the instruments—and they’re placed differently between the two cans.

Even with the volume cranked, the Grados never cause my ears to ache. The lows are nowhere as intense, while the mids and lows are purer. Notice how i don’t say clearer, because both headphones give crisp, clean presentation.

But there is a quality, however, that as previously stated makes the RS1e sound natural while comparatively the Momentum 2 are more artificial. That said, if not for how my ears adversely respond the lows, I would keep the Sennheisers and sell the Grados. Wireless better suits my lifestyle.