Flickr a Day 335: Superimposed

Film shooter Julien Chambon starts the first day of the last month in this series. Thirty more to go, and it’s a wrap. Maintaining the schedule is more challenging than expected, and I can’t always invest the time each photographer deserves to tell his or her story. Fortunately, often their magnificent artwork is commentary enough.

Julien describes himself as a “French analog photographer”, who aptly observes: “Obviously, film is not dead”. He does shoot digital, but his mainstay cams are other-era: Canon EOS 5, Pentacon Six and Six TL, and Ricoh AutoHalf. Our Day taker, which uploaded April 16, 2015, is old school technique done well. What story does it tell you? Camera and other information is not available.

Julien joined Flickr in January 2009. You can also find him on 500pxFacebook, and Instagram; he also keeps a professional website.

Photo Credit: Julien Chambon