My Crushing Coachella Concession

This afternoon I sold my Coachella 2016 Weekend 1 Pass to a young woman from Texas who relocated to San Diego about a year ago. Earlier in the day, she spontaneously decided to attend the music festival, responding to my Craigslist post about 10 minutes after I placed it. Disappointment goes with the pass, which I purchased during presales last June. The photo is the only shot of the kit—to accompany the ad.

The Weekend Oner was an unexpected extra. During presales, I bought a pair of Weekend Two passes for my daughter and companion, after being informed the other likely wouldn’t be available. While purchasing, I left the other browser tab open and unexpectedly got pushed through to sales with a single option: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass. I grabbed it, thinking to go myself. 

Due to schedule conflicts and other complications, I cannot attend. Sigh, like other years, I will watch live broadcasts on YouTube. “Hey! Is that my daughter in the audience? Quick, hit the rewind!”

Mmm. Warped Tour comes to San Diego on August 5th. It’s a single-day event, and this year takes place at Qualcomm Stadium, to which I can ride the Trolley. Maybe.