My New Specs

Today, I shot a new profile pic, cropped from the selfie original that you see. Last month, the local LensCrafters unbelievably broke my Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck frames, which the shop doesn’t sell. Strange, since the framemaker and optical store are owned by the same parent company. Hehe, could the one brand tarnish the other by carrying it? Yeah, maybe.

Much as I love the Gregory Peck, availability and circumstances led to another choice: Oliver Peoples O’Malley, which I wear now. The change makes sense of updating my profile photo everywhere. Style is different, and I’m 18 months older.

My face is a bit asymmetrical, and I really want to Photoshop off some years. But this is the original pic, captured using iPhone 6s Plus front-facing camera. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 64, 1/120 sec. My wife (Anne) made the necklace. I bought the eyewear from The UnOptical, in Hillcrest, Calif.