Katris Cali

Somewhere, several months ago, I came across Katris Blocks by Papercut Lab. We discussed their risked-impracticality for price paid—after all, cats are notoriously finicky, and truest folklore meme is their playing more with the box the toy came in. Finally, discussion led to purchase; on Feb. 6, 2017, I ordered from the seller, through Amazon, the colorful City SF set, which was discounted 20 percent from the price seen before Christmas. Less than 48 hours later, yesterday, UPS delivered the 30-kilo box (67 pounds) much sooner than ever expected; free shipping.

My wife and I made a production of the unpacking, by taking out some blocks but leaving others to support cardboard compartment play areas inside the sturdy shipping box, which we later moved to another room for continued overnight feline fun. We set up the modular blocks in the living room for nighttime cat shenanigans. This morning, I dragged the big box down to the garage and cleared the blocks from the living room sun zone, where the kitty’s frolic and tussle over territory, to the bedroom. 

Late morning, I saw Cali behind the blocks, which I had purposely placed to create a hiding nook. My phone charging, but iPad Pro 7.9 in hand, I snapped a quick pic, at 11:13 a.m. PST. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 40, 1/30 sec, 4.12mm. The configuration is a variation of one Katris suggests. I over-clipped the five pieces like a new parent might be overprotective of a new baby, and firstborn. Neko weighs more than 7 kilos (16 pounds), and I worried jumping or tumbling might push over the heavy blocks, causing injury. Better to use too many clips!

The different shapes can be assembled into a multitude of 2-D or 3-D configurations. Some people make them multipurpose—furniture and felines. The blocks also are corrugated cardboard scratchpads. By changing configs and moving them among rooms, we can create constantly changing play spaces for Cali and Neko. Hehe, I occasionally may bring back the big box the set shipped in.

The set also includes 10 of the aforementioned clips, 10 rolly-toys called Orbs, and five packs of catnip.

Twenty-four hours later, Anne and I are strongly satisfied with our purchase. Time is the test, however, and how we will feel 24 days—or 240—hence. Here and now, meow!

Update: I later added the three-pic gallery, shot with iPhone 7 Plus at 4:18 p.m. PST.