Yikes! My Apple Watch Called 911!

How embarrassing is this? Few hours ago, I exercised with my wife—and I was in pushup position, which brought the top of my hand in frequent, forceful contact with Apple Watch crown and button. Suddenly, a piercing alert noise, accompanied by the typical vibration, came from the device. I looked down to see “Emergency Services” flashing red across the screen. Presumably police had issued another Amber Alert, but I didn’t want to interrupt the activity to confirm.

Opps. A call center operator soon answered “911”, which when glancing down again I could see on the screen. I apologized for the “accidental call”, took off the Apple Watch, and resumed exercising. Well, hell, what’s point if you don’t get the calorie count?

If you’re one of my five frequent readers—or is it a half-dozen now—you may wonder why I wore the smart timepiece; in May, I boasted about abandoning the thing for the simpler, retro Iconik 3. I still love, and occassionally wear, the ManchesterWatchWorks creation, but—all those nagging alerts aside—I missed Apple Watch, which gives immeasurable value.

Still, 911? If Apple cofounder Steve Jobs were still alive, he might respond with something like he did during iPhone 4 antennagate : “You’re wearing it wrong”.