Flickr a Week 5b: ‘Camera Hogs’

We celebrate Groundhog Day with a surprise: real porkers—and you don’t want to be close enough to see their shadows. Brad Sims shot the irresistible, self-titled “Camera Hogs“, on March 2, 2019, using iPhone X. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/250 sec, 26mm (film equivalent; EXIF records 4mm). Few images in the series will receive so little discourse, because—as the saying goes—some photos really do express a thousand words.

That said, these fine specimens, from Heifer Ranch, in Perryville, Arkansas, take the Sunday spot for clever caption, composition, and humor. About his tradecraft, Brad explains: “I take pictures of landscapes, people, small things, weird things”. The more typically Nikon shooter joined Flickr in March 2006 and still contributes in 2020.

Photo Credit: Brad Sims