Flickr a Week 9a: ‘Essaimage’

I came to the Photostream of Alexandre Gallier by way of “Simple Portrait“, which charms for its texture and natural effervescence. But the Sunday spot instead goes to self-titled “Essaimage“, not because the other isn’t worthy but to keep a varied flow of the series‘ selections.

The closeup, from Nikon D610 with 90mm Tamron Macro lens, is a keeper for beautiful bokeh, contrasty colors, and delicious detail. Vitals: f/11, ISO 400, 1/40 sec, 90mm; April 16, 2019.

From Paris, but living in Saint Clar, France, Alexandre joined Flickr in September 2017. Regarding his tradecraft: “I am an amateur photographer who loves any type of photo as long as I like what I shoot”. So do we like what you shoot.

Photo Credit: Alexandre Gallier