Yes, But Did She Foresee the Pandemic?

Times are tough for small businesses that thrive on person-to-person contact, courtesy of stay-at-home orders closing commercial operations and schools. California Governor Gavin Newsom has outlined a four-stage reopening ramp-up to semi-normalcy. Nail salons are relegated to the third phase. Psychics, too, perhaps?

How unfortunate, because reliable fortune-telling should be in big-time demand during the pandemic. If I were this soothsayer, who should be able to see the way without my saying, Zoom would be the remote-conferencing choice rather than FaceTime. Gather together a family and offer a group discount, or employees from a (supposedly) temporarily closed business. They have questions, and you have answers!

For people who can’t get COVID-19 tests, they want to know: Do I have the Coronavirus? Or better, were those sniffles I had in January the disease and now I’m immune? Will Grandma pass on (finally)? Who gets the inheritance? (Good idea, if she’s not on the Zoom Psychic Reading.) Am I gonna get fired? When will I receive my government Stimulus Check? Is Tara Reade lying, or did Presidential hopeful Joe Bidden sexually assault her? Will we get a real Democratic candidate because of it? Should I join the local Militia, just in case?

There are so many things the group would want to know. If the fortune-teller is really smart, after muting some participants, she will allude to things that Johnny won’t want Jackie to hear and suggest that a separate, costlier reading is necessary. That group discount is all about the upsell, baby.

I captured the Featured Image using Leica Q2—and if sight-seeing was my calling I wouldn’t have purchased the camera at the end of December 2019. I really, really enjoyed predecessor Q, which was fun to shoot and produced pics that usually satisfied. Too often, I am disappointed by the Q2. Photos lack character compared to the older Leica, and to my aging eyes the pics aren’t as sharp either. Expect some elucidation whenever I write a Q2 review. Maybe the fault is mine, which would be wonderful; that’s a rectifiable problem, if so.

Vitals, aperture manually set: f/5.6, ISO 100, 1/800 sec, 28mm; 9:43 a.m. PDT, today. Location: Corner of Adams Ave. and Park Blvd. in San Diego’s University Heights neighborhood.