Flickr a Week 26a: ‘Purple Fields–Hitchin Lavender, Cadwell Farm, Hertfordshire’

First-half of turbulent 2020 ends with soothing self-titled “Purple Fields—Hitchin Lavender, Cadwell Farm, Hertfordshire“, which Barbara Asboth captured on Aug. 22, 2015 using Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 28-75mm lens.

“This lady was dressed as the perfect subject in orange against the sea of purple”, Barbara says of the moment. “Processed to have a magical feel to it, just like I felt in person. They were already harvesting the lavender that day, though, so if you want to go see this, you will have to wait until next year for the most beautiful views. It’s worth it, though”. Lovely composition and stunning ethereal feeling take the Sunday spot—and oh, so well-deserved.

Barbara specializes in portraiture, which makes “Purple Fields” stand out within her Photostream, which hasn’t been updated for three years. More recent work can be found on her website. She joined Flickr in June 2012.

Photo Credit: Barbara Asboth

2 thoughts on “Flickr a Week 26a: ‘Purple Fields–Hitchin Lavender, Cadwell Farm, Hertfordshire’

  1. What a lovely feature that I came across by accident, thank you for the proper credit too! Sadly Flickr isn’t what it used to be, at least it wasn’t when I stopped posting – the communities I was in moved elsewhere when they were sold and big changes happened. A shame because it was a fantastic way to connect with other creatives.

    1. SmugMug, which is a family-run photo-sharing service for photographers, bought Flickr after you left. Improvements abound, but I agree with your sentiment. That said, the owner’s commitment to photographers and their craft means that if enough creatives returned as regulars and purchased Pro subscriptions, Flickr could become even more than it once was: A community of creatives committed to connecting, learning, and sharing with one another, while showcasing and selling their art to others.

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