Leica Q2 Monochrom

One year and a few days after receiving Leica Q2, I am finally writing a review, with emphasis on benefits—not features, although both are related. Don’t confuse the two as being the same. My favorite analogy: The holder that wraps around your take-out cup of hot coffee is a feature. Protecting your hand from being burned is the benefit. See the difference? That’s where my 12-month take will focus.

Meanwhile, I oddly added another member of the Q family to my stable of (now) two cameras. Leica Q2 Monochrom arrived on Dec. 28, 2020. Some people will wonder why, when the other model shoots color and black and white. The difference for me is RAW, photo sharpness, and exceptional low-light performance. I have plans for the all-in-one that will be obvious over time.

I understand anyone cocking his or her head and asking “Why not get something very different? Wouldn’t an interchangeable lens camera as a second give you more flexibility?” Perhaps, but I am getting older; the benefit of switching between two nearly functionally equivalent cameras, maximizing learned muscle memory, and developing and maintaining a shooting technique matter more.

For me, and perhaps you, photography is about relationship, finding a camera that makes you want to shoot with it—that is a joy to use. I find Leica Q2 to be satisfying and fun. Already, after just a few days, I can say the same about the Mono.