Garbage In, Garbage Out

Yesterday, a homeless dude slept on this sofa when I walked by. Today, somebody surely seems determined to discourage his return. That is, unless he stacked up the recyclable refuse to protect his siesta spot. I observed the jacket with him when sauntering past and respectively choosing not to take his photo.

Best I can do is the Featured Image, and companion, both captured using Leica Q2. Vitals, aperture manually set for both: f/8, ISO 400, 1/125 sec, 28mm; 9:13 a.m. PDT.

Same stats but ISO 200, the companion photo gives a view down the alley, between Campus and Cleveland approaching Tyler, in University Heights. To the right is the charming Victorian-style renovated apartment building that I shared in mid-June.

The title is a play on words that has little to do with the traditional meaning. People pay premium prices to own or rent in this part of San Diego, and many residents view the homeless as trash to be taken away (Nextdoor posts and comments tell the tale). The vagrant is garbage in and the stuff placed to shew him away, or others, is garbage out. And, yes, that is a double entendre.