Year of the Rabbit Android Collectibles

They are here! Today! What better way to celebrate my escape from iPhone and return to Google’s mobile operating system than with the Year of the Rabbit Android Collectible Set. I ordered mine from Dead Zebra on Jan. 11, 2023—and good thing, too.

Because, according to the company: “Wow we sold out of our initial shipment very quickly! We are now taking reservations on a second shipment, however these will not arrive until mid-late March”. Yikes! Lucky me.

I used Leica Q2 to take all the photos, for which aperture and shutter speed are manually set. Vitals for the Featured Image and second shot: f/4, ISO 160, 1/60 sec, 28mm; 3:02 and 3:03 p.m., respectively.

Here they are! Vitals: f/4, ISO 250, 1/60 sec, 28mm; 3:11 p.m.

But wait! What are rabbits without bunny ears? They fit nicely over the antennae. Vitals are same but six minutes later.

The final photo is about the bonus items. Android bunny banks! Vitals are same as the previous pair but 3:26 p.m. and something else: I used the camera’s dedicated Macro mode, which is activated by turning a ring around the f/1.7 Summilux lens.