Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Near and Far

The immense amount of precipitation pummeling California this year makes for uncharacteristically lush landscape—as can be seen from the Cleveland Avenue overlook in San Diego neighborhood of University Heights. During our more than 15 years living here, I have never seen so much green growth.

Some Spring seasons, heavy rains mean crane flies cling to exterior walls of the apartment building outside the laundry room. Our cats, Cali and Neko, love to chase (and eat) them. I really should start looking evenings for the insects, which often are mistaken for mosquitos.

But I digress. Our topic is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra standard and zoom camera lenses. The Featured Image is the standard view. Vitals: f/1.7, ISO 10, 1/950 sec, 23mm (film equivalent); 10:12 a.m. PDT, yesterday. The companion shows off the reach of the smartphone’s 10x optical zoom capability. Vitals: f/4.9, ISO 50, 1/800 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 10: 12 a.m.

Both shots, cropped 3:2, are from the same spot looking out across Mission Valley. While the second is by no means flawless, nevertheless it is amazing to have such photographic reach carried in the pocket—no bulky camera body and attached telephoto lens required.

By car, the Food4Less at Hazard Center is a 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) drive from the overlook located at Cleveland and Golden Gate. I don’t know “as crow flies” distance, but it’s obviously less.

Ah, humble reader, you must own an iPhone, because any sensible Android user would have stopped reading and rushed to order Galaxy S23 Ultra. Have you considered the benefits of switching? Release yourself. Stop drinking the Apple cult Kool-Aid and recover your mind.