Crisis is the Best Measure of Character

One of my direct neighbors—meaning living in the same apartment building—had her SUV stolen four nights ago, while visiting a friend in Mission Valley. We live in University Heights, which overlooks that San Diego community. Also taken: Cell phone, purse, and wallet. To say the least, this is a devastating event.

Rather than rant, or be angry, she nervously laughs about what happened. I understand. There’s an absurd, “this can’t be real” quality that is tragically laughable. She takes charge of the situation and doesn’t whine “Why Me?” or seek sympathy as a victim. She is determined and matter of fact in her resolve to recover life quickly.

Some steps are easier than others. Freezing bank accounts and cards was a phone call. Quick drive to her cellular carrier changed SIM card and put it in a new phone. But other processes are slower. Her vehicle must be missing and unrecovered for 10 days before the insurer will complete the claim as stolen. She owned the SUV outright, so its loss hurts financially as well as emotionally.

I am monumentally impressed by her all-around attitude. Yesterday, I told her: Crisis is the best measure of character. Of course, that was a compliment.

Tonight, the strangest thing occurred, on her birthday no less. A semi-truck loaded with six vehicles—four of them SUVs—pulled up outside the apartment building for the longest time. Sigh, if only the driver was making a delivery to her; of course not. But one can wish such a reward for her.

I used Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to capture the Featured Image. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 50, 1/2800 sec, 13mm (film equivalent); 6:41 p.m. PDT.