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Pay More For Less

Take a good, long look at the Featured Image. This apartment building epitomizes how dramatically have rentals risen in San Diego over scant number of years. Something seems wrong here—and I mean more broadly. This place merely reflects a trend in explosive increases that feels funny—fixed, unnatural—for a typically dynamic capitalist market.

I’ll illustrate. In June 2021, a 1,000-square-foot flat listed for $1,495 monthly and presumably rented, since the listing was removed eight days later. Available now for $2,325, in the same building: 530-sq-foot studio. Oh, and Zillow estimates that if the larger unit was marketed today, the landlord should charge $3,063.

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The Cats of University Heights: Vim

Crunched-time schedule means no post for the previous two days. We resume with another fine feline—the one-hundred-thirty-first found behind door or window. Sighting street is withheld; sorry `bout that.

I used Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to capture the Featured Image, on May 11, 2024. Vitals: f/3.4, ISO 40, 1/120 sec, (synthetic) 230mm (digital and optical zoom); 3:51 p.m. PDT. Nickname: Vim.

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Bitter Sweet

Memory of my maternal grandmother: Grapefruit for breakfast, regardless of season—and I wonder where she bought the citrus during Northern Maine winters. I never had a taste for the bitter, over-sized oranges but my wife does.

So we were delighted to find some, set out by a neighbor, yesterday. She is caretaker of Rick, one of the “Cats of University Heights“. Annie grabbed two, while I waited and thanked our benefactor. How sweet: She put out bags for people to carry their fruit.

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The Cats of University Heights: Smore

The one-hundred-thirtieth feline found behind door or window is typical: Name unknown, so I must create one. But my creative choosing has limits, so, please, forgive my stretching to reach this one.

Surely you are familiar with roasting a sugary s’more around the campfire: Chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow. The cat’s colors are perfect for the confection. Don’t you agree?

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The Beachcomber

We return to Mission Beach for a final time, from my April 29, 2024 quickie visit. Subject of the Featured Image is the person working the sand with a metal detector, as two other folks stop their walk to watch.

Once again, I pulled out Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to make the moment. Vitals: f/3.4, ISO 32, 1/1900 sec, (synthetic) 230mm (digital and optical zoom); 10:39 a.m. PDT. In post-production, I started to lighten up the dark areas, but instead decided to leave the photo as shot. Moody is better, and everyone is considerable distance away.

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Let’s Play in the Sand

We aren’t yet done with Mission Beach, which is about a 14-kilometer (8.7-mile) drive from my apartment. San Diego has no shortage of coastal jaunts, and I admit to taking them for granted more than taking advantage of them.

The Featured Image is a dumb, fun shot. I don’t know why the sand toys were on that wall. They didn’t appear to belong to anyone, but a nearby shop had more outside. Purpose: Unknown.

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Golden Storm Troopers

I don’t know what to make of these two. Do you? After dropping off contact lenses to our daughter in Ocean Beach, my wife and I drove over to Mission Beach, where there is a boardwalk shop selling $10 hoodies. Eighty-percent cotton, baby!

While waiting for Annie, I turned my attention to the distant shoreline and people along the surf: Strangest of all are subjects of the Featured Image. Golden Storm Troopers? I don’t recall seeing any of them in any Star Wars film.

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Why Not the Cat Tree?

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is among the best computers that I have owned. One compelling feature/benefit: Construction. The Magnesium and Aluminum case is super sturdy—and today our cat Neko put it to the test. Unfortunately.

I plugged in to charge during a time in the afternoon when sunlight blankets the desk in my office. To reduce heat, I covered the Laptop Studio, an action that should have been recognized as an invitation to the cat; warm spot on a rectangular shape.

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Lily Pads No More

What makes a place historical? I ask because of the Featured Image, showing a sign which you can read and then try to answer. If the frog pond still existed, still stocked more than 120 years later, now that would be noteworthy. But, as you can see, stone wall is all that really remains—dirt filled, covered with grass. Remove the signage and who would ever guess what was?

Often enough, I have walked by this thing, here in my neighborhood of University Heights, and had assumed it to be a deliberately designed structure to slow traffic along a very residential street. I never imagined that the thing predated cars and had other meaning.

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I Want to, But…

The Mac faithful boast about the Apple lifestyle and devices working well together. Samsung sells a compelling ecosystem, too, that is much broader than personal computing devices—everything from TVs to washing machines, and all in-between.

As an owner of smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet from the South Korean manufacturer, I have longed to add a laptop to the mix. Last year’s Galaxy Book3 Ultra checked off most benefits on my list, but no touchscreen and a then recent purchase of Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio stopped any irrational purchase. Two months ago, Samsung started selling the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, with touchscreen, and I was intrigued.

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Dad and Daughter

My father’s death yesterday ends one saga and begins another. His grandfather purchased the farm in 1895, and the core property has remained continuously with the Wilcox clan. At one time, the expanse topped 200 acres. But portions were sold off decades upon decades ago, leaving 100 acres—60 of which is for farming and the rest is woodland.

Dad chose not to leave the portion over which he has title—nearly two-thirds, including the buildings—to family. His pastors, a married couple—and not their church—are the inheritors. The arrangement isn’t some surprise; he made clear his intentions years ago.