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Flickr a Day 41: ‘Snow in Rome’

The camera you have with you is better than none, and sometimes it’s better than most. When first selecting today’s pic, discovered by searching for “snow”, I missed an important detail: iPhone 4. Hell, yeah. Show me a dSLR that delivers this good—of course, in competent hands. Composition is splendid. The eye’s delight.

Among the official “Most Popular Cameras in the Flickr Community” ranking, smartphones take the top-five spots—three going to Apple mobiles. I remember when iPhone 4, which the company released in June 2010, topped them all. That distinction now belongs to the 5s. 

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Flickr a Day 33: ‘A Fast Car’

Perhaps you’ve heard of concept “six degrees of separation”, which during the Internet era often is applied to social media connections. But its origin is much older. Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy proposed the idea in 1929 short story “Chains”—that no two people are separated by more than five intermediaries, which works out to six degrees of separation. Sometimes, online, the connections surprise for being so seemingly far removed, yet close. That’s how I see today’s photo selection.

Searching Flickr for “Groundhog Day”—and it’s today—summoned everything but the oversized rodent. Self-titled “A Fast Car” caught my attention for perspective and panning. In scanning the Flickr profile for the photographer, Takashi Hososhima, a familiar picture greeted me. Turns out Takashi and I are previously acquainted. I must apologize for forgetting. My return to him and his photostream is roundabout. 

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Flickr a Day 13: Lucky Shot

The unluckiest number is good designation for a photographer caught in the rain—making his own luck. My feature photo on the thirteenth day comes from Flickr newcomer Iliyan Yankov, who joined just 12 months ago. He also posts to Facebook.

He describes himself as a “student in Italy studying arts. One of my passion is the photography. I love to travel around the world and capture it. If I have some free time I love to go out on the street with my camera and spend hours there capturing the atmosphere”. Ha! When i previewed Iliyan’s self-titled “Raining London at Night”, my wife remarked: “It has a lot of atmosphere!” He describes his photographic style well. 

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Flickr a Day 8: Abandoned

Ontario, Canada-based Freaktography describes himself as a “self-taught photographer” whose current passion is “urban exploring”, which includes places abandoned—and it’s searching for the word on Flickr that reveals this photo among others.

I confess to being totally captivated by abandoned buildings, exploring them, and wondering what secrets they might reveal about the people who lived or worked within. Mr. Freaktography captures some amazing abandoned places, including an asylum, church (on an Indian reservation), and power plant.

According to the EXIF data, he shot this photo on March 12, 2014, using a Nikon D3200. Vitals: f/4, ISO 100, 1/3 sec, 18mm. Image is by no means Freaktography’s best work, but the story behind it is amazing, as he explains in “Abandoned House of Treasures“.