A Summer Story

A cold November day is good time to reminisce about summer past—and to point out that behind every picture is a good story. So, what’s with my daughter and the bird?

On July 6 my wife and I picked up a Styrofoam giant glider plane at the local toy store, which my daughter and I took it out for an evening fly across the back yard. But my daughter’s throw put the plane across the fence and in the neighbor’s lot behind ours. So she and I had to walk round the block. Along the way, as we sheepishly shortcut past some condos, we caught a flash of feathers before a load SMACK of birdie hitting a window. 

My daughter insisted on rescuing the stunned birdbrain, which perched clumsily on her hand. I took out the cell phone and rang my wife to fetch her digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S500. She snapped the pictures here.

I don’t much believe in coincidence. Had my daughter not overthrown the glider, we would have missed the birdie. He  later recovered and flew away.

Photo Credits: Anne Wilcox