Backyard Bunny

As mentioned yesterday, I returned to using a PowerBook, the same one let go just a few months ago. One reason the temporary switch was so dumb: Somehow when backing up the contents some error occurred that I missed. The “2005” folder containing all pictures taken this year didn’t copy. So, when wiping the PowerBook’s hard drive, I inadvertently deleted thousands of irreplaceable photos, the majority taken with a Nikon D70. Bummed is too weak a word to describe my reaction. 

Backyard Bunny 2

In setting up the reacquired PowerBook last night, I discovered that two lower-resolution copies of precious original pictures survived the carnage. I must have prepared these for posting on MSN Spaces, which I was testing. I snapped these two pics in my backyard during early summer using the D70 and telephoto lens. Of course, seeing as how the originals are gone to binary code heaven, I shouldn’t complain being to blame.