Switched Back On

I worked out a trade with my buddy that took my PowerBook G4 just a few months ago. I’ve been missing my Mac, and he had been eying my Sony VAIO VGN-S460. So we swapped this afternoon. He got the VIAO, and I took back my old PowerBook. I still have an older PC notebook that will soon go to Windows Vista testing. But I’m largely back to using a Mac.

The 15-inch PowerBook feels huge compared to that svelte S460. But the fit is somehow better. It’s not like there are no Windows PCs in the house. I’ve got a Dell Media Center PC in the living room. The trick will be keeping up with all this new Microsoft software, which I most certainly will have to do for my day job and advising the company’s competitors and partners.

When will I switch again? I don’t dare even speculate. It has been more than a few times over the years. My heart belongs to Mac, but my work mind to Windows.