How Rude!

I get so steamed sometimes by some people’s rude behavior. My daughter and I stopped into the local 7-Eleven this morning for a quick burrito. While we were standing in line, this lady jabbering Spanish over a cell phone made a huge mess at the cappuccino machine (I use lower-case “c” because 7-Eleven Cappuccino isn’t).

She used the wrong size cup, which overflowed all over the machine and made a huge puddle of milky gunk on the floor. And she didn’t care! She continued talking on the cell phone! 

My daughter (bless her) got out two wads of napkins and tried to clean up the mess. I saw several customers turn away, after approaching the cappuccino machine and seeing the flood. Both store clerks were busy with a morning rush of customers and couldn’t attend to the mess.

All the while, the lady obliviously jabbered on her mobile, showing zero concern for the mess, the put-out customers, or my daughter’s cleaning efforts.

The picture captured with my Cingular 2125 smartphone doesn’t really give full perspective of the mess. I would guess the lady overfilled by at least one cup. I hope the clerks were quick enough to charge her for two cups full.