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Mac’s Back

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The New Year started with my full-time return to Windows, so that I could test Windows Vista and Office 2007. This evening, after many days’ deliberations, I picked up a MacBook Pro from my local Apple Store. I will continue Windows Vista and Office 2007 testing, but no longer use Microsoft’s operating system on a full-time basis.

In typical fashion, I managed about two months on Windows before retreating back to the Mac. Reasons are same as always. My resolution to go back to Windows and stay there is a shambles. But that’s a good resolution to have broken. 

My intention is to run only Universal Binary software, which means native for Intel or Power PC processor. For photo editing I will use Apple’s iPhoto 6 and Adobe’s exciting Lightroom, which is beta testing. My newsreader will go from NetNewsWire to Newsfire. I’m not worried about Mac Office, which isn’t ready for MacTels, as any documents created there will be for my job and Office 2007 on the Alienware notebook will suffice.

The switch also marks a dramatic change in my computing habits. For more than 10 years, I’ve used the same computers for work and personal stuff, commingling lots of information, particularly e-mail. With the MacBook Pro, I plan to break up my personal and work computing for the first time.

Additionally, I will likely move the Windows Media Center out of the living room and replace it with an iMac. TV watching has significantly jumped since returning to Windows Media Center. In fact, the computer operates more as TV tuner/PVR than anything else.

We simply don’t use the 10-foot user interface for music or photos; strange, we did use the 17-inch iMac and Front Row 10-foot UI. If we moved content off the Media Center, maybe I would keep the computer in the living room. But we don’t, and for good reason: It wastes too much time.

I’m just a few hours into using the MacBook Pro, but so far I like the computer. I will pipe in with more reaction as the computer and I get better acquainted.

Photo Credit: Justin Roselt

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