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When Magazines Mattered

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To promote the Macintosh 22 years ago, Apple purchased all—as in every—ad space in the Newsweek 1984 election issue. That was 39 pages.

The folks over at Graphical User Interface Gallery (aka Guidebook) have preserved every page from that Newsweek issue. It was a time when magazine advertising really mattered, unlike today when the Internet undermines magazine circulation. 

But there is something else: The amazing marketing copy, with its aspirational—your life will be better if you buy this product quality—that still defines Apple product marketing today.

Scanning Credits: Graphical User Interface Gallery

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  1. Kelly L says on January 24, 2014

    AHA! I’ve been trying to remember which issue this was–we used to have it, and I read and reread the ads over and over. I got so excited about the future, and have been a programmer all my life. I almost feel sorry for kids who grow up around computers, the ‘net, etc. To them, it’s just the way the world is, but I remember the sheer awe I grew up with, when it was all shiny and new.

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