Skating Star

Today, my daughter skated in her first US Figure Skating competition, at the San Diego Ice Arena. San Diego Figure Skating Club sponsored the competition, Skate La Grande. She skated in Las Chicas Group D with nine other girls.

Credit goes to my wife, who made extra effort to get our daughter in the competition. Technically, our girl is still part of the Washington Figure Skating Club, which required extra paperwork and permissions for her to participate as a guest. There also was some concern her Washington affiliation might be a handicap in judging. 

My daughter had competed before in Ice Skating Institute events. ISI competitions tend to be more recreational and judged by coaches. US Figure Skating judging is much stricter, and, as she tests through different levels, bigger competitions are possible.

My daughter placed first in her group, receiving first-place rankings from four judges and second from a fifth judge. For comparison, the second-place skater received rankings of 4, 3, 2, 9, 2. At this level of competition, we were provided with no more information than the judge’s rankings. My daughter received a point deduction because her music was long (How did that happen!).

So, it’s a happy day for our 13 year-old skater, but only a beginning. The competitions ahead will be tougher.