Get Your iGoogle Superhero

Themes for Chrome 3.0 beta got me to thinking about Google’s sudden personalization push. You can skin Gmail, and there are comic-book heroes and other themes for iGoogle. Now there are Chrome skins, and what about that Android-powered MyTouch from T-Mobile? The marketing push is big customization and personalization.

On July 24, I interviewed David Sha, product marketing manager for iGoogle, about the new comic themes announced at Comic-Con 2009. I’m posting this a week late, but it’s a pretty good interview, nevertheless.

Google’s approach to Web services user-interface design is sensible. Keep things simple, while letting users personalize as much or as little as they’re inclined.

Totally unrelated to iGoogle, but not Google: I spotted a Bing sticker in a car rear windshield, yesterday. No, I didn’t get the license-plate number. You want to see a Bing sticker in the window? Put it in your own. 🙂