'I'm a PC, and More Happy Is Coming'

Kylie is back! Everyone’s favorite Windows Photo Gallery youngster pushes Windows 7. (Say, is she a first grader now?) Kylie kicks off what the YouTube version of the commercial calls the “Good News” advertising campaign.

This is naughty Kylie, messing with dad’s computer, where she finds happy words—”Seven, seven, seven”—in Windows 7 reviews. Kylie turns them into slideshows. Oh, it’s gluttony advertising, with cute Kylie putting Gizmodo, Maximum PC and ZDNet Windows 7 praise to cute animal pics. I like the bunny.

Perhaps it’s not Microsoft’s intention, but Kylie’s commercial could double for demonstrating bad security practices. What if she’s using dad’s work laptop? I can imagine all kinds of ugliness cute little Kylie could unleash onto dad’s computer. Gasp—is that a cup of orange juice in reach of clumsy little hands and a disastrous spill onto dad’s notebook?

Kylie made her Microsoft commercial debut in February, at start of “The Rookies” marketing campaign. Little Kylie had impact, too. Her commercial was the one most recalled by US consumers, according to Nielsen IAG Research rankings for Feb. 2 to March 1. Her return isn’t surprising.

She’s back in same form, once again launching a new advertising campaign. Her commercial airs today. Way to go, Kylie. Dare I say “Way to go, Microsoft?”

Windows 7 launches on October 22. I return to full-time Windows 7 tomorrow, after mostly running Mac OS X for a couple of months in preparation for Snow Leopard. I’m looking forward to returning to Seven.

Editor’s Note March 20, 2014: Microsoft removed the original video.