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If Ovi Store was as Good as This Video About It…

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Nokia would have kicked Apple’s ass long ago.


  1. Joe, this video is really cool, not so much because of Nokia but the style and music fits very nicely together – and if you don’t currently own a Nokia you might even think that the OVI store has something to offer. haha. 😀

    It’s a cool video. Did you see the safety belt commercial? It’s very different from this one but still extremely well done and shot using high speed cameras and a baffling 90000w light..

    • OMG! What an incredibly moving video. Thanks for sharing that. Incredible.

      So do you own a Nokia?

      Also do you have any advice for anyone considering either of the new Sigma compacts versus, say, Olympus and Panasonic micro four-thirds cameras or the Leica X1. 🙂

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