Apple’s iPhone 4 Booboo has Etsy Fix

I am in storytelling mood—and marketing is all about storytelling in very few words (for the best even tweets are too long). This little ad—taking advantage of Apple’s so called “Death Grip“—is smart storytelling in just so many ways.

The product is available from one of my favorite entrepreneurial sales sites: Etsy. The site for selling handmade stuff was founded in June 2005. I joined 13 months later, when I made the first purchase for my daughter.

Etsy is a creative community—one where people make and sell physical goods. I commend the Antenna-aid seller, assuming he or she is legit. I see 273 sales for an otherwise unidentified seller. Hopefully this marketing story ends “happily ever after” and not “I’ve been scammed.”

Editor’s Note: This post was moved to from on Sept. 28, 2010.