Here is my third video interview from San Diego Comic-Con 2010 (but fourth recorded). I’ll finish editing and posting the other videos by end of week. Here, I speak with “Nemu Nemu” creators Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga. The interview went wrong in so many ways. I spoke with Audra and Scott about 30 minutes before the exhibit hall closed, resulting in several long interruptions from the loudspeaker. I edited out the noisy sections, but working onsite the interruptions threw off my rhythm.

That’s my failing; a good interviewer should be able to ignore distractions. The interview lacks flow and takes too long. More importantly I miss obvious things, like “Pollo” mean chicken. Of course, I knew that but failed to make the connection when interviewing Audra. I also should have probed more about other media, seeing as how Audra has been doing “Nemu Nemu” for five years. For example, there is a “Nemu Nemu” iPhone/iPod touch app.