The New Microsoft

On February 4, Microsoft named Satya Nadella the new CEO, replacing Steve Ballmer. I decided to jump, and gather a group of folks to discuss what the transition means, using Google Hangouts On Air. What’s the saying about reading the instructions first?

I chose HoA, so the broadcast would record and be saved to YouTube, not realizing the implications. Unlike regular Hangouts, lest I still misunderstand, On Air really means broadcast, rather than a group video. That put me unexpectedly alone, but, hey, there’s Q&A. Uh-oh, I missed the switch for taking questions during setup and Google puts you on a one-way street.

Then there is the video quality and my 13-inch MacBook Pro failing to deliver it. Audio is crisp but doesn’t jive with the video, because, presumably, frames drop. Or maybe that’s a Google service problem.

Whichever, I didn’t deem the final product satisfactory for posting at BetaNews as planned. Still, the performance isn’t all bad, considering that I wasn’t planning on any and spoke extemporaneously. So, what the hell, be informed by the content or laugh at the presenter—long as you enjoy the video somehow.

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