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Flickr a Day 7: Rain Dance

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Photographer Dmitry Ryzhkov is truly gifted. His photographs of Moscow are the human-interest equivalent of Google Street View. You feel like you are present, with his subjects, embarrassingly the voyeur. His blog is appropriately called “Moments of Life“. Dimitry’s photos are that and more.

He joined Flickr in September 2011 and is active on many social media services or sites, including 500px, Pinterest, and Tumblr. The photo I select looks like it was formatted for Instagram, being it’s square. 

There is much to like about the subject, setting, and composition. What’s not evocative about a little girl dancing in the rain, wearing rubber galoshes and holding a Hello Kitty umbrella like she’s about to take flight in the wind. The composition is sublime. The girl is near eye level with a restaurant patron watching and smiling, while your eye also draws down to her wet reflection that creates sense of being present.

There’s something immersive about the composition, and it’s a quality I find in many of Dimitry’s other photographs. He shot this one with Sony Alpha 77 and f/1.4 35mm lens. Three cheers for prime. Vitals: f/3.5, ISO 1600, 1/125.

Photo Credit: Dmitry Ryzhkov

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