Flickr a Day 70: ‘Reading Light’

Lighting is today’s selection’s winning quality. Illumination behind the subject, enveloped by darkness all around, creates cozy feeling. Don’t you just want to grab a book and join him?

Carol Blyberg shot self-titled “Reading Light” on Aug. 7, 2014, using Canon EOS 6D and EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM. Ha! It’s the best glass I ever used on a dSLR! Vitals: f/10, ISO 25600, 1/50 sec, 70mm. You read that ISO right. Sure there’s noise, but it’s surprisingly well-managed such that it enhances the mood.

Carol lives in Maine, which way of living is her focus—quite literally. “Still trying to get it right, using my camera so I can show you what my heart sees”, she says. “My photography is for the joy of it…and the story”. She joined Flickr in November 2008 and lives on the Maine coast.

Photo Credit: Carol Blyberg