Flickr a Day 87: ‘Edinburgh’

We begin, more by coincidence, two day’s study in black-and-white street photography. First up: Martin Mutch, who is founder of IT consultancy Rocela and self-described “street and social photographer”. His candid captures using Leica Camera AG M Monochrom and Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH lens are classic. He makes me want to abandon color, and also to go Leica. For image quality, the X1 is still the best compact I ever used; something like Martin’s rangefinder—more than $7,000 just for the body—exceeds my budget.

Martin’s street photos are magnificent. They are super sharp and packed with motion and people. Choosing just one pic proved nearly impossible for me. Exhausted from even trying, I narrowed down to self-titled “Edinburgh” and outtake “Thirsty Dog“, which has nearly 20,000 views. Choice came down to superior composition and point of view.

Martin shot the pic on Aug. 24, 2014, in the Scottish city for which the image is named and also where he is based. Vitals: f/4.8, ISO 1250, 1/3000 sec. He joined Flickr in September 2006.

Photo Credit: Martin Mutch