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Flickr a Day 130: ‘Mother to Be’

In answer to every child’s question—”Where do babies come from?”—today’s selection is answer. Happy Mother’s Day! If not a mom, you have one. Give her a hug, or phone call. If she is gone from this world, make it a figurative kiss. But do connect. She carried you in her belly for nine months, before nursing and caring for you during the many months, and years, that followed.

Sean McGrath shot self-titled “Mother to Be” on June 21, 2009, using Nikon D90 and 18-50 mm f/2.8 lens. Vitals: f/6.3, ISO 400, f/200, 20 mm. “Shot in my house”, he says, “converted to a ‘studio’ with blankets and lightstands. The vignetting is all natural here too”. More vitals: “Strobist: Lastolite Ezybox in front of subject w/ SB-26 on 1/16; bare SB-26 behind subject on the left. 1/32 power; triggered with skyports”.

Sean is no longer active on Flickr, which he joined in June 2005. But his professional photography site is fabulous; and there is Instagram. He is from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, where he still lives. That’s in my old neighborhood, so to speak, growing up in Northern Maine. I weened on CBC programming from the television station there.

Photo Credit: Sean McGrath

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