Flickr a Day 165: ‘Let Me Ride–West Village’

As an artform, iPhonography is more than just about the camera or the shooter. Post-processing matters, too. That my friends is justification for picking the fifth subway pic featured in this series (see Days 2445, 72, and 155 for the others). Ryan Vaarsi captured  self-titled “Let Me Ride—West Village” one week ago using iPhone 6 Plus. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 100, 1/15 sec, 4.2mm.

The photo takes the Day for composition, color, and contrast that looks more like film than digital. Ryan got the classic look in part by applying the VSCO Cam app‘s A1 “analog” preset. The app is free, but most presets cost something. A1 is among a collection of 12 for $2.99. iPhone users can shoot straight from the app or edit existing pics. 

Ryan describes himself as a “self-taught photographer with a great love for representational photography, photojournalism, and documentary photography”. He is a member of mobile storytelling collective GRRYO—new to me before visiting his photo website, which is a real treat.

“I use photography as a tool exploration and a means of getting to know my fellow humans”, Ryan says. “I enjoy telling stories and being a conduit for the stories of others”. You will find more of them on his Facebook. From Westwood, NJ, Ryan joined Flickr in July 2006.

Photo Credit: Ryan Vaarsi