Flickr a Day 72: ‘Going That Way’

For this second Friday the 13th of 2015, Juan Carlos Gonzalez is your lucky charm. His Flickr stream is a magnificent presentation of color and composition. Many of the photos seem to leap off the screen. I could have picked any pic as today’s selection. Self-titled “Going That Way” makes the cut for its in-the-moment candor and blithe bokeh that draws the eye right where it should go.

“I grew up as a tour guide in the Amazon, Venezuela, and this sparked my interest in photography. I would watch photographers during our tours staging pictures of my everyday surroundings of caves, plants, and wildlife”, Juan says. “I enjoyed learning and watching the passion they had towards photography and was hopeful that art would someday become a part of my life”.

That day came after he relocated to Austin, Texas, and had a family. Juan, who joined Flickr in July 2010, specializes in portraiture and operates his own studio, Lime Fly Photography. He shot today’s pic using the Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R lens. (What a prime!) Vitals: f/1.2, ISO 500, f/80, 56mm.

Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Gonzalez